About us

The Premier Towing Services USA has more than 30 years of experience in heavy vehicle towing. Our family-owned business, which was founded by Wesley, a Tasmanian-born man, has been handling all types of heavy vehicles and crashes since 1986. This has made us one of South Australia’s most trusted truck recovery companies.

Wesley began his journey with cars at age 15. He left school to work as a mechanic in a wreck-repair shop. As soon as he was able, he obtained a license to tow truck and moved into the heavy car recovery industry. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge that has helped him build the business that he runs today.

Wesley arrived in Adelaide and quickly became a trusted and beloved face on the trucking and automotive repair scene. He also built a loyal customer base who still trust him to get them on the road today. The Premier Towing Services USA was founded in a Wingfield shed after a loyal customer suggested that he start his own repair and crash business. The three-man team quickly outgrew humble beginnings and moved to Angle Vale Crescent where they became a 24-hour industry pillar.